Our activity

Founded in 1998 by Ms Karin WORNER and Mr. Patrice MOREAU, NEURO FRANCE Implants is specialized in the design and the manufacture of surgical implants for the spine and the chest.

Concerned about both its impact on the environment and the working conditions of its employees, the company invested in 2010 in a HQE (High Environmental Quality) building. Based in the Loir et Cher (41), NEURO FRANCE Implants is 42 minutes away from PARIS by TGV (high speed train).

With an extensive experience in the field of medical devices, we design, develop and manufacture our products in FRANCE and we market them all over the world through our distribution network.


Since 1998, NEURO FRANCE Implants specialized in the design and manufacture of spinal implants and instruments. The range of spinal implants is varied, it includes a cervical disc prosthesis, cervical and thoraco-lumbar fixation and fusion systems for anterior, posterior, antero-lateral approach, for conventional or percutaneous surgery…


Since 2012, NEURO FRANCE Implants offers a wide range of implants for chest surgery. This range makes it possible to reconstruct the chest wall (reduction of single and multiple fractures, thoracic flaps, costectomies ...) but also to replace the sternum, the manubrium and the part of the damaged ribs of a patient (after total or partial sternectomy).