What is pOpmètre®

 pOpmètre® is a Class IIa Medical Device that measures the best surrogate of the arterial stiffness : Pulse Wave Velocity (PWV). It is CE marked & EN ISO 13485 certified.

This new technique assesses the pulse wave transit time (TT) between the finger (TTf) and the toe (TTt). Based on height chart, regional pulse wave velocity (PWV) between the toe and the finger can be estimated (PWVtf).pOpscore® index is also calculated as the ratio between PWV toe and PWV finger and can be considered as a peripheral vascular stiffness index.


How it works

PWV shows the wave of deformation of the arterial wall following the shock of blood in the ascending aorta during a cardiac ventricular ejection shock. While in a pool of water the wave propagates horizontally on the water surface, a pulse wave spreads over the surface of the blood in the arteries, then in a circular form in a centrifugal direction. It's a wave that propagates faster than the speed of blood flow, on which is not dependent. (It travels more than ten times faster.) Blood flows at 0.25 m/s, while the pulse wave propagates at 5-16 m/s it is the best surrogate of the arterial aging.

The flow of blood through the arteries is parallel to the axis of the artery. The pulse wave causes a measurable deformation of the arterial wall (it is perpendicular to the axis of the artery). It then propagates along the artery.

Arterial stiffness is an independent risk factor correlated with cardiovascular morbidity and mortality better than conventional risk factors (i.e. hypertension, high cholesterol, diabetes, tobacco), it plays a role in the early detection, prevention, management, and prognosis of patients at risk.




Early prevention of Cardio vascular risk

Therapeutic management



Duration of the test  20 sec

Reliability and Stress less

Non-Invasive method

Operator Independent

Easy to use

Respect for privacy 



To learn more about pOpmètre® visit www.popmetre.com