DISC Assessment

Knowledge & acceptance of different styles is essential for developing long-term, win-win relationships with our key people. The behaviours we consider “efficient” are not necessarily “effective” in all situations.

There are no “working styles” that are better or worse than any others. The effectiveness of each style depends upon the situation. Yet we tend to see those like us as good and those who are different as bad. Gaining a better understanding of “working styles” will help us avoid judging behaviours different from our own as bad.

4 Dimensions of Behavioural Preferences


  • Understand our own social style as well as the style of others persons we work with ways we can work together more productively.
  • Identify ways that will allow us to work together more productively.


  • Improve communication between team members thus enhancing the effectiveness of the team, which can focus a greater proportion of its energy on the tasks at hand