Why Good People Under-perform

Why Good People Under-perform Good people don't under-perform due to the wrong personality,the wrong behaviors or some Quixotic definition of culture fit or lack of intelligence or weak team or technical skills. They under-perform for one or more of the following reasons:
  1. They're not motivated to do the actual work required since the job they're being asked to perform after being hired was ill-defined before they were hired.
  2. Being competent to do something is not the same as being motivated to do it.
  3. Being motivated to get a job is not the same as being motivated to do the job.
  4. The interview focused on assessing competencies, behaviors and depth of skills that only weakly map to the actual work required to be done.
  5. The hiring manager and candidate don't work well too together.
  6. While actual culture fit is very important , few managers or recruiters understand what this means and how to measure it properly.

Listen Just as you want to make it plain in an interview that you are not too timid to speak up, you want to make it clear you are confident on dominating the process. Demonstrate you are able to listen without being too eager to cut off dialog.

Tip: Ask questions that reflect the concerns of the questioner in a constructive way. For instance, if you are asked what you would do in a certain situation, resist the temptation to answer before you've asked some questions of your own. Keep It Possible If there's one thing senior managers have a universal distaste for, its whining.
Remember, every hiring manager wants to hire a team player who will bring positive energy and real initiative to the job. Be ready with examples of positive suggestions about problems or issues that you took initiative on in order to demonstrate your people skills. So how do you prove your readiness for the big leagues? By thinking like a big - leagues player. If they don't predict quality of hire they are valueless.