Stop Sputtering At The Finish Line: Five Energy-Wasters That You Need To Get In Check

Stop Sputtering At The Finish Line: Five Energy-Wasters That You Need To Get In Check
Are you a workaholic trying to find a way to keep your energy up and also find time to relax? 
Are you tired of struggling to keep it all together, while trying to squeeze in enough time to truly enjoy life? 
Entrepreneurs at startup businesses are working longer hours than ever before. 
You rise early and work late into the night.
It consumes your mind and drains your energy. 
Time is finite, the number of hours in a day is fixed, but your energy is renewable. 
If you don’t manage your energy, your relationships will suffer, your work performance will suffer and your general love for life will suffer. 
Being the best requires us to take a close look at how we manage our energy because it is necessary for everything we do. 
Even Formula One has pit stops to refuel and check the safety and performance levels of the vehicle.
Ridding Yourself Of Energy-Wasters;
We all have people and circumstances that are taking up our energy and leaving us with little left for the people and things that really matter. Your energy is being diluted by people and things that are trying to distract you from your passion and vision.
This is costing you big time.
1. Stop Caring What Other People Think:
It is important not to measure yourself by the standards of other people. 
This preoccupation with trying to please others can quickly lead to depression, and it is often an act of futility. 
The opinion of strangers shouldn’t matter. Wanting to please and take care of others is natural, but when pleasing others is based on the fear of rejection it can become habitual and unhealthy. 
You can combat this destructive habit by appreciating your inner strengths. Whatever thoughts or feelings arise within you, respond to them with a kinder outlook and a positive self-appraisal. 
Life is not about pleasing others.
2. Stop Worrying About The Competition:
Drive your business forward by following your purpose. While it is healthy and even good business to be aware of your competitors, that’s not where your main attention should be focused. 
Doing this eventually will work against your own ability and potential.
3. Ditch People Who Are Constantly Bringing You Down:
Surround yourself with people who are positive and fashion an environment that helps you grow, be inspired and have the courage to tap into your own creative genius. 
Who you allow to speak into your life will affect the way you think, and subsequently, your behavior and rate of success. 
Rid yourself of people that criticize.
4. Stop Expending Valuable Emotional Energy On Old, Unresolved, Pain:
We judge our pain and believe we are not entitled to it, because the event occurred such a longtime ago. 
It’s important to acknowledge the past pain, open the wound so the healing can begin and clear the emotional space for lighter, healthier feelings. 
You might need counselling or just a heart-to-heart with a trusted friend.Make an appointment and let the healing begin. It's time to take care of yourself. 
5. Stop Doubting And Second-Guessing Yourself:
Take a look at the root cause of your dissatisfaction and address why you invalidate your own choices. 
Learn to trust yourself to make good decisions. Don’t let the fear of making a mistake stop you from gaining new experiences. 
Keep a proof journal, where you record all the instances from your past when you have made good choices that have brought positive outcomes and happiness. 
This is your irrefutable proof that you have the ability to make forward-propelling decisions.