Business Development For Medical Device Companies (EMMEA region)


Latest news,

Spine team in Human Capital,supported Spineguard management in meeting 3 new distributors from UAE, Kuwait and Qatar during the Eurospine-Copenhagen on
September 2nd and 4th. Distributors were presented with new clinical data and tried out the devices on a new demonstration set.

Spine team performed 2 live cases at Saint George Hospital with Prof. Nachanakian, and presented Pediguard new data to residents. The surgeries included Laminectomy and screw placement on multiple levels and had high acceptance from surgeons engaged.

Spine team in Human Capital signed new distributor in September in Kuwait _ Modelex and performed all needed documentation to register product and allocate GCC tender. A visit will be paid later in December to assist in first surgeries and handle all concerns.



Latest news,

Human Capital signs new distributor for Spineguard in Oman (Spears International) .

Human Capital signs new distributor for Spineguard in Kuwait (Modelex) .
Human Capital team will be present in Eurospine in September to support suppliers available for more market expansion .
Agreement signed with Lebanese Army forces for the purchase of Pediguard with the assistance of Human Capital and consistent visits .


Latest news,

New proctor-ship with Dr. Zbeggy in Dubai. 

Spineguard's marketing team visited KSA and performed 4 new live cases with continuous team education.

2 new product specialists joined UAE and KSA team as part of expansion.



As part of Spineguard's commitment to improve product awareness and usage new pig lab training sessions ar scheduled across June and July to host Doctors from Tunisia,South Africa and Saudi Arabia.

Spineguard approaching market expansion in 3 new market. "Qatar , Kuwait and Oman."

Human Capital team will be present in Eurospine in September to support available for more market expansion. 

Spineguard is in process of recruiting new distribution channels in Kuwait,Qatar and Oman.

Spineguard marketing team initiated a new clinical study in minimal invasive surgery with Dr. Amr Shawarby versus other monitoring tool to test effectiveness.

Spineguard Marketing team visited Saudi distributor twice within March and April to support in surgeries and presentation in new accounts.

Spineguard signed consignment in Ajman Hospital for 2015 to ensure constant support and supply.



Latest news,

primary objective is to establish PediGuard® as the STANDARD OF CARE FOR SAFER PEDICLE SCREW PLACEMENT benefitting patients, surgeons, operating room staff and health care providers to have a safe procedure and prevent misplacement of pedicle screws.

Marketing Activities and Business Initiatives:

Spineguard marketing team initiated a new clinical study with Dr. Amr Shawarby in Tawam Hospital in UAE during 2014,with the support of Human capital consultant,to test the safety of using PG vs. other monitoring tools in minimal invasive surgeries.

Spineguard surgery support team supported surgeons  in performing 4 cases of pedicle screw placement in Military hospital in Riyadh.

Spineguard has signed with new distributors with the support of Human Capital in Tunisia and Cyprus.

Annual distributors meeting in Paris during March 2015 ,with the presence of more than 50 partners all around the globe.