The Company

AMS Group has been operating in the biomedical field since the mid-1990s, always at the ready to select and produce the best medical devices, allowing us to stand out and differentiate ourselves within the vast medical industry.

The Mission

Our mission is to help patients live pain-free lives, by providing specialists with innovative and highquality medical devices together with first-class service standards.

Distribution Devices



• Prometra ® Implantable programmable pump for intrathecal drug infusion

Interventional Therapy

• Nucleoplasty®

• Coolief System Cooled Radiofrequency           

• Pulsed and continuous Radiofrequency

• Pasha

Spinal Surgery Technologies

• PDS Percutaneous bilateral facet augmentation system

• PLS Compressible Facet Fixation System

• PerX360° Expandable Interbody Fusion Device

• InterV Kyphoplasty

• InterV Vertebroplast

• Bone cements for Kyphoplasty and Vertebroplasty

Production Devices

Spinal Endoscopy

IESS® Interventional Endoscopic Spinal Surgery®

Spinal Surgery Technologies

AxiaLIF Laxial rod for lumbosacral fusion L5-S1Fixed distraction



 AxiaLIF 1L PLUaxial rod for lumbosacral fusion L5-S1 Fixed and dynamic distraction

 AxiaLIF 2L PLUaxial rod for lumbosacral fusion L4-S1 Fixed and dynamic distraction


VISION® Implantable interbody fusion cage



Directable epidural video-guided catheter

Innovative system designed for the diagnosis and surgical endoscopic treatment of the epidural space.
Resascope and its components are conceived and realized especially for a percutaneous and minimally invasive approach to the spinal canal.

Features & Advantages:

  • Precise 360° guided navigation
  • Revolutionary double lock system: the ability to block the catheter tip on both axes
  • Safe: 2 channels for fluids (for saline infusion and saline recovery into a graduated bag)
  • Comfortable: 3 ways for optic and tools insertion, that have been manufactured on the handle itself, thus reducing the encumbrance on the operating field
  • Resascope version with soft and rigid tip


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