Seizures causing disorder in your brains

To check whether you qualify for VNS therapy, contact the local distributor for VNS in your country. Our regional network of trained physicians and specialists are there to assist you immediately.In less than 90 minutes – the time it takes to install a pain-free, and nearly invisible pulse generator (in the upper left chest), you can begin living a normal life liberated from the unbearable effects of seizures.Being the independent consultant for Cyberonics Inc – a leading company in the neuromodulation and neurostimulation space with global net sales in excess of $143 million – Human Capital has set up a powerful therapy to fight epilepsy: VNS (vagus nerve stimulation). It has also positioned experts and physicians in the EMMEA region to help those who suffer from the disorder.If anti-epileptic drugs are failing to protect you against blackouts, muscle and speech disabilities that epilepsy is known to cause in humans, then VNS might be the answer for you.